I attended Brian’s training for educators on creating supportive programs for LGBTQ Students. Brian’s training had a profound effect on me as a school administrator. I was not aware of all of the subtle nuances that lurk in the shadows of the traditional school setting until Brian illuminated the topic with his light of knowledge and personal experiences to expose that which makes our LGBTQ students feel anxious and afraid in our schools. Brian is an amazing presenter. The five hours I spent with him were priceless.

-Anonymous Attendee
2016 Educators Training Institute training session
Provided by Jaime Ciofalo, Lodi Board of Education/Head of Educators Training Institute

You couldn’t ask for a better collaborator than Brian Edwards. His dedication to (and competency in) promoting social justice through educating and empowering students is exemplary… He has the rare mix of intellect, strategic thinking and compassion necessary to fight for social justice on college campuses. It was a pleasure to work with him and he is an asset to those around him.”

Jonah Evans
Executive Producer of Dear World

Brian is the ultra professional who possesses the rare gift of being able to communicate effectively (and brilliantly) with all populations.  More importantly, Brian has the ability to listen and understand the root of any issue that needs attention. I would highly recommend Brian for any endeavor, and hope that I get to have many, many more opportunities to work with him.”

Meredith Perkins
Fashion Institute of Technology

Brian often raises questions that promote further discussion and he has an excellent ability to facilitate conversation as well. His infusion of social justice into all discussions encourages all of us to consider different perspectives on the issues at hand. I’ve learned a great deal from Brian.”

Dr. Gavin Henning
Professor/Director of the Ed.D. program at New England College
President of the Council for the Advisement of Standards in Higher Education

Brian is a strong advocate for social change. He works tirelessly doing holistic and intersectional identity based work that is focused on LGBTQ communities. His passion and his drive are palpable. I can honestly say I have never met someone who is more dedicated to their work and their community. His connection and commitment to the LGBTQ and Allied communities on campus has been invaluable and he inspires others through his work supporting LGBTQ community on campus. He truly connects with our LGBTQ students and through those connections he is able to engage students in understanding the importance of building inclusive communities for all.”

Dr. Sidney Gardner
Director of Equity and Diversity at Montclair State University