BrianEdwardsWelcome!  My name is Brian Edwards and I am an educator, scholar, and advocate with more than thirteen years of professional experience.  As a diversity consultant and trainer, I have worked with all levels of educational institutions, as well as non-profit organizations and corporations. Some highlighted expertise includes higher education administration, strategic planning, event planning and program coordination, and policy development. I am also experienced at developing curricula and training programs for a wide variety of audiences.

My passions lie with social justice education and policy development as a means to create change.  Whether acting as a consultant, speaking nationally, or serving on community boards, my ultimate goal is to make the world a better place.

I’m excited you’re here. Please feel free to browse my site and contact me with any questions and/or consulting or training requests.

Connect with me:
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Phone: 917 776-2025

Fun Inventory Results:
Strengths Quest: Strategic | Ideation | Adaptability | Restorative | Responsibility
DiSC: iD with significant stripes in S